A Thesis Proposal Outline – Tips on Writing

A dissertation proposal is one of the toughest parts of thesis writing. Students are supposed to have a good hold of the topic or subject they are dealing with. They should then carry out research analysis and write a justified literature review of the topic. After compiling the literature review they should also be able to give their own opinion about the subject and then finally submit his findings in the form of a thesis proposal. It is quite a time taking task but if you keep the following details in mind then your proposal writing process can become much simpler.

The length of your thesis proposal

Different opinions have been formed about the ideal length of a dissertation proposal. It is not important to follow the particular word or page count. It is rather important to address all the major parts and elaborate your findings properly in your proposal. Usually a thesis proposal length is up to 20 pages but it can vary if you have to add or subtract some details as per your convenience.

Effective Tips for writing a thesis proposal

  • Plan your time
  • A thesis proposal is not something you can write at the last minute. It is quite a time taking process so you have to plan accordingly. A proposal usually is the most time consuming part in thesis writing and can take up to six months for completion. You have to select a topic and create a careful literature review. Both of these tasks need a lot of thinking and research which is why you need more time.

  • Write a detailed literature review
  • Writing a comprehensive and detailed literature review will help your reader in understanding your topic better. It will enable them to understand why you chose a certain topic and how is your research different from the work done in past. Students might not realize the importance of a literature review but if it is not adequate the whole thesis is shot down by the committee.

  • Stay in touch with the dissertation committee
  • Do not hesitate to ask your dissertation committee about their advice and keep them updated about the changes in direction and any new findings while writing your thesis. Your communication with the committee should be regular and you should ask them for copies of dissertations they have approved in the past. It will help you in creating a successful dissertation.