Writing a research report: keep it simple

Some of the best advice a person can get in any endeavor is to keep it simple. It seems like when people start to look at things they can’t help but make it more complicated than it needs to be. Writing a research paper is often like that. Teachers assign research assignments with the idea that a student will form a bond with that information and be able to actually carry it with them. To do this, they provide the student with an elaborate system of requirements that must be followed in order to earn a passing grade. However many of these activities are outdated and overly complicated for students to follow. The writing and research process should be kept much more simple for students so that the focus can be on the information and thought behind the writing. The process should simply be the vehicle through which the information is presented to the world.

Writing a Thesis

One of the simplest processes should be to write an use a solid thesis for your research paper. Learning to research isn’t difficult, you simply form a theory and then find the facts that will help back it up and show its validity. Some teachers present this process to students as if they were going to be splitting atoms or doing calculus. However it should be looked at as simply writing abut a topic that you are interested in learning about. When the thesis is approached simply, it doesn’t become a difficult writing problem, but a friendly guide to follow in the research process. Simplicity in choosing something that already captures your interest is an important part of the assignment.

Enjoy what you Do

A wise person once said that if you enjoy what you do that you will never work a day in your life. This is true when it comes to writing research papers. Even though many educators work very hard to make the writing process something that nobody can enjoy. You have the ultimate choice in deciding if you are having fun and enjoying the process. If you choose a topic that you have a legitimate interest in learning will be a lot of fun. This joy and passion will allow for the research to be something that you enjoy rather than a chore that you have to get done. This attitude comes from being able to keep the writing process simple and be able to create work that you are going to be proud of and enjoy doing.