War in Ancient Greece

The war in ancient Greece included different parts of the country as well as groups of people that have different beliefs which led to unrest in the region. The Mediterranean area was in the middle of economic development that was good while being home to one of the most powerful empires, the Persian Empire. The Greeks had limited resources as their “world” was considered much smaller compared to the Persian Empire which stretched along the Indus River Valley. Certain areas the Greek peninsula became under rule of the Persians. This sparked a war as many Greeks became unhappy about this change.

Citizens of Athens sent supplies to the Greeks that included weapons. Somewhere along the line the Persians noticed what was going on and their army became prepared for war. The Greeks were outnumbered by the Persians so they felt it would be an easy task to complete. Yet, the Greeks were known to be great fighters and warriors with Athens in possession of useful navy ships and a terrifying Spartan army. There were three separate battles between the Persians and the Greeks, but each time the Persians were driven away.

The ruler of the Persian Empire was not happy with how the Greeks were getting the advantage over their army. The Persian ruler wanted Greece to be completely destroyed. It seemed as if no matter what the Persians did to try and overcome the Greeks, it did not work. The Persians had a large number of war ships to help the effort but they proved ineffective just as they thought they had the advantage. The Greeks had the advantage thanks to smaller ships that helped them maneuver their way through the Persians.

The Persians were forced out of their ships due to the burning wood that was thrown on board by the Greeks. Any Persians that survived swam to shore. The Sparta army killed most remaining members of the Persian army. The leader of the Persian army left his crew behind upon seeing members being defeated by the Greeks. There were a few Persians that survived the ordeal and fled. Because of this, Greeks did not let their guard down even though they came out victorious. They knew the threat still remained against their people and a special treasury was created to help them prepare for another war if necessary.