University Degrees and Business

The economy although improving, is still not the best it could be. So any tool that can help with a good paying job is a worthwhile endeavor. It is possibly the difference between a good paying career and delivering pizza. A degree is a symbol that the student wants the career and is willing to work for it. It tells the prospective employer that the student is mature enough, and ambitious enough to spend that time and work to get what they want.

A University Degree opens many benefits to the graduating student, that otherwise would not be there that quick. Once the student gets their employment, the chance for advancement improves; as is the possibility of the speed they can move up. Education Resource Center Digest claims that a graduate with an Associate Degree will earn roughly 1.6 Million dollars, while a high school degree will earn 1.2 million over the time span of their work history. Studies have also found that people with degrees have better health along with their children.

How does a Business benefit from having people with degree? For one they are more healthy, so there is less time lost from sick employees. The list of what an Employee with a degree can offer, is highly beneficial to a business.

  1. Operations
  2. Management
  3. Information technology
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Problem solving
  6. Communication skills
  7. Various financial skills

And many others depending on their degree.

After reading all of this, what is the best degree to get? That is something that changes quite frequently. At one point it was a business degree. A few years ago too many people were coming out of school with this degree and flooded the market. And there were more going in to get that degree, so it was expected to stay flooded for a while. Checking around with reliable services like the student’s Country’s BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) is one source. They publish a “Occupational Outlook Handbook” that lists information on job forecasts. Also the University Guidance Counselor is another good resource.

All in all, degrees benefit the community and the country by starting a chain reaction. The employee and the business benefit, the community gets more productive members, and the Country receives more tax revenue.