The Best College Research Paper Topics

Research papers are a common assignment given to college students to help develop writing abilities and critical thinking strategies. In many situations, students have the option to choose what they want to write about while following specific guidelines of the assignment. For a number of students, deciding on what to write about can be a challenge for different reasons.

Methods for Choosing a Research Paper Topic

Sample research papers available either online or provided by the instructor may give some ideas on what can be written. There are websites that offer a list of topics depending on subject area that may be useful. Often, colleges and universities may have related content on their website for reference. Topic ideas provided by educational institutions can include a wide variety of common and most controversial research topics. If you have a unique interest in a subject, you may want to conduct further research to learn about issues and concerns you may want to write about. For broad subjects, brainstorming can help narrow down ideas into main points toward developing your thesis.

Other Information to Consider When Selecting a Good Research Topic

Some students find it a challenge to find something they feel comfortable writing about. As mentioned earlier, it helps to keep your interests in mind. Controversial and argumentative topics are quite common since many find them easier to research. When you select a topic it should be something that will have a good amount of data you can collect. This will make the research paper easier for you to write. The data collected should thoroughly provide evidence or help support your thesis statement. If you discover issues in creating your thesis, you topic idea may need to be refined. Think about writing on a topic that may have a new perspective or angle that can be introduced to the reading audience.

Best Research Paper Topics, Ideas and Suggestions

There are so many topics to choose from with students commonly starting off reviewing popular ideas in hopes of developing something unique and interesting. Some of the best topics for research include: animal rights, marketing ethics, birth control and teens, HIV/AIDS, adoption, abortion, the death penalty, recycling and the environment, racial conflicts, women’s rights, bullying, school safety, gun laws, freedom of religion, corporate spending, computer crimes, pros and cons of social networking, divorce, education reform, gay rights, government regulation and gang activity are just a few.