Improving Personal Essay Writing Skills

Your days at high school are almost at an end. Graduation is just around the corner, and you are preparing to celebrate, have a great summer, and get ready for college. Hopefully, you have already been accepted to the number one college of your choice before the end of your school year. This is what you have to look forward to as a high school student. The process began in you junior year, when you start to fill out all the applications for the colleges and universities on your wish list. The process can be overwhelming. You had to provide a ton of information including your grades, organizations and achievements. You were also asked to write a personal essay. This is a very difficult chore for anyone, let alone a teenager. On the whole, most of us are reluctant to speak about ourselves or write about our accomplishments. It seems to be bragging, and we shy away from that sort of activity. This is different. Your personal essay for your college applications is the opportunity you have to impress the college admissions staff with your character traits and attributes which would make you an ideal student for their college.

Spend time on the essay

Every year, a college admission staff is inundated with thousands of applications from highs school students. They have to review each and every one and make a decision about a select few who will receive acceptance letters. The personal essay is a crucial part of the application; it can make all the difference between one student’s application and the next set of papers. This very fact makes this essay one that should not be ignored or overlooked. You cannot complete the essay at the last minute. You need to spend time thinking about your topic. You should outline the essay as would any other writing assignment.

Make the topic impactful

The subject matter of your personal essay should be about you, and your character. You should convey something about yourself the rest of the application papers cannot get across to the admission staff. You should be as specific as possible, staying honest and concise as you write about your personal experiences and how they have shaped and molded you into the person you are as you are now ready to make the step into college life.

Correct mistakes

Just like with any other written work you have produced, you need to proofread and edit the material. You cannot simply write the personal essay and not read it over checking for errors and mistakes. The flow of your essay will improve its overall quality, helping you in the admission process.