Online Academic Writing Agencies are not reliable

Students these days have started to follow the trend of buying their papers from online writing agencies. There are many online writing agencies on the web that have cheap rates. It is becoming a very popular business as their target audience is large. Students are always looking for ways to reduce their work load and share their burden with someone else. The online writing agencies are ready to help as they will be a paid a reasonable amount for the work they have done. Students agree to buy papers from online agencies because they are not very expensive.

However there are many reasons you should not rely on online writing companies. They will not consider your work as their own and will only be concerned with their profit. They might provide you low quality work written by inexperienced writers and you will have to suffer in the end. Here are a few reasons you must not rely on an online writing agency.

Outsourcing your work

As online services are intangible and you cannot be physically present at the time of writing so you have no idea who is writing the paper for you. The company will get the order from you and outsource it to overseas writers for a considerably low price. You will only know after receiving the paper when it’s too late to make changes.

Compromise on quality

The paper you order online is very critical for you as your grade depends upon it. The agency does not bother about your grades they only want their money. It is therefore important to write your paper by yourself. If you are not confident about your writing skills then you can get help of a senior or a teacher.

Plagiarized work

Some companies get loads of orders on a regular basis so they do not have time to write custom papers for each individual. They write one paper and sell it to many different students. This way your paper will not remain unique anymore and will be considered plagiarized. It will be a waste of your time and money both.

Spam and fraud

The worst part about online service providers is the risk of spam. Some companies also get orders and advance payments from students and disappear overnight. You do not want to be deceived so you must not rely on such agencies.

Delayed deliveries

They may delay your paper and you will have to face the cosequences.