Presenting Arguments In A Logical Sequence When Creating A Term Paper

Logical order

The technique that you will use will ultimately depend on two factors: personal preference and the topic that you choose to work on. You will first need to decide the kind of term paper that is easy and interesting for you to work on effectively. Then, you must get the information written in a logical order avoiding confusion. For example, introducing a subject in the first paragraph and then repeating it in the last one. Another instance is when the most crucial point comes down as the last and perhaps as the conclusion. A good term paper should have an easy flow of ideas from start to finish.


Different topics should be approached differently. For instance, historical topics will be handled differently from the rest of the paper. This is usually because if the varying timeframes with which these information was collected. Make your paper have some sense by organizing it in a chronological order. You may decide to start with the oldest point that came up in during your research exercise and then proceeding with the newer ones. In most cases, you will have both historical information as well as other information that may not fit into the timeline. It is recommended to begin with historical information first and then shifting to other information. This is because it forms a strong foundation for arguments and therefore giving an allowance for addition of other information.

Background Information

You should chip in background information first before anything else so that you help your reader understand the bearing and trend you want him/her to adhere to. Also, readers will be able to understand other information that is not necessarily common knowledge. Once you are done with discussing this, you may proceed with the mind that your reader is following whatever you are putting down either your ideas or thoughts.

Presenting One Side at a Time

If you are dealing with a two sided debate or issue that has two different sides, begin by bringing out the first one. You may however need to clarify some details with the background. Stick with the same side until you are done bringing out the ideas as you intended especially when the topics are not self explanatory or well known. In case your term paper is the persuasive type, you will have to take one stand and overweigh it against the other. You may choose when to present your side but it can come in first or second depending on your preference.