US History Research Paper Topics: Looking for the Best One

Even if you are not a United States’ citizen, in writing the US history paper you are given the opportunity to explore your culture, your family, your traditions, and how these things impact you.

Some of the best papers I have graded and read have been history papers. There is something magical about unveiling who you are in relation to your people.

There are many ways to approach the US history paper, and all of them can make for a fun project. Try some of my tips and ideas.

Topic Ideas

  • Traditions
  • Does your family follow cultural traditions? Which ones do they follow? Have the traditions been modified to suit modern times? Will you one day follow this tradition with your family? What is the origin of this tradition? Is this tradition religious based or secular? Does the entire country practice it? Is it accepted in the US, even though the tradition may originate from another country?

  • Soldiers
  • Do you descend from a line of military men and women? Can you trace their times of action? How far back can you go? Are any of them buried at Arlington Cemetery? Will you serve in the US military?

  • Immigration
  • Did your people come through Ellis Island or Angel Island to enter the United States? Can you trace what boat they were on? Where did they come from? Where did they settle in the United States?

  • Your name
  • Are you named after someone in the family? Who was that person? What were they like? What does the name mean? Do you hold any of the qualities of the name’s meaning?

  • Famous People and Royalty
  • Can you trace you lineage back to famous people or even to royalty? If so, who are you related to and how are they famous? What is the exact relationship? Have you met them or did they live before your time?

  • Family Land and Homes
  • Is there family property of a family home that is still owned by your family? Where is it? How long has it been in the family? What is it like? Is there a family cemetery? Have you been to it? Who is buried there? Will you be buried there?

A US history paper can be fun if you can find out about yourself in writing the paper. And do not be concerned if the teacher gives a certain criteria such as that is has to be about the Civil War period. With a little bit of research, you can probably find an interesting connection that you can explore and write about for your assignment.