Research Paper Writing (think about the Audience)

Research paper writing is one of those things that you will be required to do within the course of your studies. Research paper writing is all about being given a particular topic to work on. Many students tend to think that there is any short cut to writing a research paper. This is because quite a number of students find this piece of assignment very hard to deal with. However, such a notion is developed because they lack motivation on how simple research work is.

Therefore before starting on ant research paper, it is always important to understand that the quality of a research paper entirely depends on the effort inputted. Research writing is a process that requires organization, experience as well as practice. Focusing on these areas will make you a very good research paper writer.

In spite of the above aspects, a quality research paper is determined by the topic of research and genre. However, an excellent research paper is depended on the correlation between the writer and the audience being addressed.

Does it matter who your audience is?

The idea of understanding the audience can be a challenging one especially for beginner researchers. Many students would tend to address only their instructors in their paper while a number of others include the greater academic fraternity. Essentially these are tow diverse cases with the former being very narrow in terms of the audience of target. On the other hand the later is so broad. Which then is the best for a research paper?

This state of confusion explains the need to ensure that you choose your audience well. The suitable audience is one that falls in between your instructor and the wider academic crowd. In fact, it becomes more suitable if you address your research audience just like you would in a presentation that is done orally.

Below are a few questions that can assist you in determining whether you are featuring the right audience:

  • What scope of people do you want to cover?
  • Where does the interest of the research paper lie?
  • Is the topic catchy to attract the attention of the audience you have chosen?
  • What are the things that you ought to do to pique the interests of uninterested crowd?

With these questions and others in that line, you will e able to come up with a very quality paper that includes the interests of a large audience.