8 helpful Rules for Writing Research Papers

Research paper writing is a process that requires writing the original work by following certain format and style of writing. Research paper is the detailed research based document about a specific topic. Research papers are written in order to develop the complete understanding of a phenomenon. Research papers are written in order to add something new to the existing literature. Research papers are being written by students in order to claim their degrees. Research paper writing is considered as most important academic task or work. Student’s ability to be a good researcher is evaluated by checking the research paper written originally by students.

Sometimes students get confused about writing a research paper. They do not know what to write first and what to write at last of the research paper. If you are going to write a research paper for the first time then you must be familiar with the format to be followed in research paper writing.

This article provides you with the key points that you will need while writing your research paper. If you want to write a good research paper then you must follow the following pattern while writing your research paper.

Topic Selection:

Selection of topic should be done with much care and after a quality brainstorming.

Literature Review:

After selecting a topic for your research paper you must read about the background of your topic and you must look for different research studies already being done on the related topics.


Once you are done with literature review of your topic then you must start an introduction of your study.

Objective & Rationale of study:

After writing the introduction you must state the objectives of your study and rationale of your study.

Hypothesis / Research Question:

Then you need to formulate a hypothesis or research question that you are going to explore in your research work.

Methodology & Data Collection Method:

After hypothesis you must write about the methodology and data collection method of your research work.


Then you should write the procedure of your research.

Results of study:

Then you must include the results of your study.


After results you can add a discussion page.


After discussion conclusion should be added.


And at the end references should be added in your research paper.

Writing research papers involves attention and dedication on the student’s end