Ideas for Organizing a Research Paper Writing Process

To some, writing a full length research paper may seem like a daunting task. But if you discipline yourself and adhere to a strict writing regimen, you will finish the project on time. Keep in mind that if you don’t complete your paper on time, it’s because you didn’t make the writing process precedence. It’s not because you didn’t have enough time (in most cases).

Here are some useful ideas for organizing your research paper writing process into a peaceful and productive experience:

  • Organize your research. When you organize what you have discovered, it makes the writing process a whole lot easier. Use a separate notebook or word document for notes where you outline the different types of sources you used: encyclopedias, online sources, newspaper/news sites, documents, books, interviews, etc. Then put your information under each source. Once this is completed, you can then organize your research into how you will want it presented in your paper. Once you have an idea of how your paper will be organized, the writing process will go by much more smoothly.
  • Discipline yourself. Know the due date for the research paper and for every day in between now and then, devote anywhere from a half hour to a full few hours of your time to researching and writing the paper. Often it’s a good idea to have progressively higher increments of time devoted to your research paper writing process day by day. So for example, on the first day, you may decide to spend a half hour of researching and/or writing, then on the second day increase it to forty-five minutes, on the third day to an hour, the third day to an hour and half, the fourth day to two hours, and so on. Just make sure that the time is managed properly in between now and your final due date. So for another example, if your paper is due a week from today, starting out you first day at a half hour probably isn’t exactly a good idea.
  • Don’t be distracted. Avoid distractions such as your cell phone, social media sites, food, etc. Part of disciplining yourself is just sitting down on your chair in front of your computer and writing. If you find too many distractions at once particular place, you should strongly consider moving to another. For example, if you find your work space at your home to be too distracting and eating up too much of your time, move to somewhere quieter like a library.
  • Take breaks! It’s not good to be glued to the computer screen for hours and end. Taking a quick five or ten minute break every hour is good for your eyes and your brain. The trick is making sure you sit back down in your seat!