A List of good Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays can be difficult to construct. Creating a good essay topic is important to starting an essay and creates the focus for the entire essay. A good persuasive essay topic needs to be relevant and needs to be topical to the time or bring something new to the field you are writing about. Depending on the subject, the audience and the time period you need to write about, you can construct a proper persuasive essay topic and write a successful essay. Different examples of persuasive topics are dependent on these factors.

Based on Subject

A persuasive topic can be based on the audience you are directing the essay to. The audience must be able to understand what you’re trying to say. Take a topic that is appropriate for the field you are directing your essay to.

For example: “many experts believe that violence in video games in other forms of media can contribute two higher crime rates and violent behavior in young people.” is a topic that might be appropriate for the field of sociology. Some women in the field of math might not be the appropriate audience for this topic. If the audience is appropriate for this topic, then this is a relevant topic for today's audience.

A good topic for someone in the field of history would be a topic such as “President Roosevelt was responsible for our involvement in world war two in many different ways”. This topic is narrow enough to be focused by concise but can also been researched and backed up with evidence.

A good topic for someone in the field of psychology would be: “The genome experiment and study has made leaps and strides in the field of psychology and has proven that much of all our behavior is based on genetics”.

In conclusion

Persuasive essays can be difficult to construct creating a good topic can bring a good start to an essay. A gutter size of argument needs to be based on the audience, your knowledge, and the subject you need to discuss. There are many good options and relevant topics to discuss in an essay. Many fields are making new discoveries every day and have new issues to discuss that may involve controversy. Such topics can form a good essay. Picking a good topic involves knowing your field, what is relevant and what interests you.