MBA essays help: how to stand out from the crowd

There are many MBA students who never expect to write an essay. You aren’t in an English major after all, but there are some essays and other research projects you’ll have to write. If this is your first essay in your MBA program, it can be daunting to think about. Writing an essay can take a lot of time, and frustration can set in when things aren’t going the way you thought they would. Being able to stand out from other MBA essays is a must because you want to really show your professors what you’ve learned and how you’re going to apply it to the rest of your program and future career. You might be wondering how you can do that. Keep reading to find out!

Topics to Avoid in your MBA Essay

Here’s a list of topics that have been done to death. Don’t use these if you want a unique essay for your MBA program.

  • Don’t use false modesty. Topics that are about your weaknesses or perfectionism have been way overused “I just want to help others” – this topic might sound nice, but if you don’t have a track record that can prove this is your primary motivation, you need to convince your professors how an MBA can help you go further
  • Don’t talk about how you want to go to this school because of its great professors, multicultural student body, curriculum, or anything like that. Everybody writing one of these essays will want that; you need to be more specific and personal
  • Instead of just telling in your essay that you have great leadership skills, you need to show them. It’s better to have an essay that doesn’t directly say anything about leadership, and have the reader come away thinking how good a leader you are
  • Don’t talk about wanting to do a “start-up” because that’s what everyone else and their dog says. What is a “start-up” anyways? You need to be more specific about a project that you want to do, and how you’ll use your knowledge from school towards it
  • Also if you are an international student, don’t write all about how you had to learn English or culture shock or about coming to another country. You could mention it, but if that’s the most defining moment in your life so far, think of more personal and unique experiences that shaped you.