How To Make Sure That Your Research Paper Reads Well

The research paper is a culmination of a student writer's process of research, representing their researched information, critical thinking, organization, resource evaluation and composition, in a way that best represents a conclusive answer to their research question.

A research paper's nature requires a student writer to organize and convey their research in a way that will help the reader get a conclusive answer to their posed research question. To best present a research paper's information to readers, a student writer needs to make sure that 'their research paper reads well.'

Making a research paper read well

To create an effective and presentable research paper, students need to make sure it reads well. To ensure that a research paper reads well, students need to check their paper for the following: flow, organization and clarity.


Flow is important for many works of writing, including research papers. Flow, in writing, refers to the overall cohesion of a work of writing. Works that don't flow well often read in a disjointed way and don't represent a well organized well of ideas.

Papers that do flow well link similar ideas together to present a complete 'thought' between sentences, paragraphs or general ideas. Cohesion in writing or flow is usually accomplished on a (paraphrased from academic sources) sentence level and a paragraph level. Both methods help writers connect ideas, paragraphs and sentences in a way that allow the entire paper to feel complete.


Organization in research papers generally refers to how student writers organize their ideas within the body of the work. It exemplifies a methodology for students to efficiently convey ideas between paragraphs without compromising the cohesion of the paper itself.

Most methods for organizing a research paper depict organizing ideas that either relate to each other or directly correlate with one another. To provide an example, a student writing about book royalties would cover a generalized paragraph about how authors earn royalties, and then connect that general idea with a proceeding paragraph that elaborates methodologies pertaining to that topic.


Clarity in research papers relates to how it flows. Though, it mainly refers to how a research paper conveys its ideas in general. Research papers need to be written in a way that best present its information to a reader. Students are often encouraged to keep their research papers concise and 'to the point.' Having that information organized and written in a clear, concise way helps students accomplish that.