Prompts On Choosing Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

For every thought, opinion or fact that has ever existed, there is an opposing, contrary point of view that is equally valid. This statement is the underlying principle behind the ‘argumentative essay.’ For it is only when two opposing school of thoughts exist that an argument can arise. And it is only when an argument is possible that an essay can be crafted out of it.

Now that the basic principle behind an argumentative essay has been understood, we have to determine the prompts that help in choosing unique argumentative essay topics.

Current, ongoing issues:

The central theme of the essay must be an issue or a problem that is contemporary and relevant. Issues of the past that no longer have any relevance, and are only known for their historical value, must be avoided. The past must lie in the past. Current, ongoing issues make the best premises for excellent essays. The reason behind this is that people are more aware of the current day affairs, and therefore, they will be more interested in the essay. Redundant issues, on the other hand, fail to attract the readers’ attention in most cases.

Complex issues:

Topics that are complicated enough to present dual, or even multiple points of view make for the best argumentative essays. When a topic can be considered from different angles, it always makes for an interesting picture. Straight line issues that everyone is in consensus with do not make for strong essay points, because an argument is not possible with only one line of opinion. However, complexity works wonders. The more opinions there are to a point, the more incredible the argumentative essay.

Uncommon issues:

Common topics that have been repeatedly exploited by essayists the world over, must be avoided. In fact, oft used topics like ‘the morality of capital punishment,’ and ‘vegetarianism versus non-vegetarianism’ must be avoided. The less cliché and common the crux of the essay, the better the essay turns out to be. The plus point in choosing rare, uncommon topics is that it draws in the readers, and forces them to open up a line of thought for issues that were previously not spared any. That, in itself is an achievement of sorts.

General Do’s for picking an argumentative essay topic:

  • Do choose a subject that s interesting to you.
  • Do outline your main points clearly.
  • Do craft out the essay in a clear yet concise manner, and adhere to the word limits set.

General Don’ts for picking an argumentative essay topic:

  • Don’t conclude with an ambivalent opinion.
  • Don’t choose a topic that is too broad and general.
  • Don’t support both the points of view. Pick a side.