How To Write A College Thesis-Following Your Inner Writing Instinct

Using your own instinct to write a college thesis is simple when you know how. Your instinct kicks in and gives you all sorts of ideas and feelings and emotions when you know the steps required to produce that terrific college thesis. It's more a case of you creating the environment in which your instinct can flourish rather than trying to find your instinct and trying to train it.

When you follow the basic and proven steps used to create an excellent college thesis, you give your instinct free reign. Here are some simple steps to take in order to stimulate your instinct and let your writing flow.

  • Make your thesis statement crystal clear and concise.
  • Only use research material which has an excellent reputation.
  • Forget about the writing and concentrate on the plan.
  • Know the various parts of the thesis such as introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Your thesis statement, which will occur in the introduction, needs to be crystal clear. There needs to be no confusion, no doubt whatsoever about what you mean by your thesis statement. Of course it needs to be strong and lend itself to a darn good argument but it must be clear. If your thesis statement is ambiguous, the reader is confused and your writing in subsequent paragraphs will be fighting to make the case. And another thing, your thesis statement will be better if it is shorter. Hit the nail on the head in as few words as possible.

You will need to research documents, books, magazine articles or websites and you will do yourself a big favour by only reading research material which comes from a reliable and reputable source. This is because you will be choosing ideas and material which are proven to be outstanding, and at the same time it will impress the person reading and marking your paper.

Do not start the writing of your thesis until all the preparation has been completed. This means creating a plan. Within the plan you list all the ideas and points you wish to make. By going over your plan and refining it, you give yourself a superb foundation for the actual writing of the thesis. The more time you spend sensibly on preparation, the better will be your thesis.

While each of the parts of your thesis need to blend and need to support each other, it's important that you concentrate on them one section at a time. If you are writing the first fact paragraph, don't think about the conclusion. Work on each section as a separate essay and then in the editing and proofreading stage, help make everything flow one to the other.