Psychology Research Paper Topics For College Students

Psychology is the study of how the human mind functions, especially behavioral functions. This is a very in-depth series of courses that has tons of research and topics to choose from. There are a variety of ways to pick a topic and a variety of ways to research them. The first place to start is your textbook since it has enough information to get you started.

How to Choose Your Topic

  • Think about what chapter(s) you are currently studying.
  • What guidelines were established for the research paper by your professor
  • Pick an issue that has enough research and information.

Think About What Chapter(s) You Are Studying

Each course has its own syllabus guiding you through the class. See what chapter or chapters are on the syllabus to see if you can brainstorm some ideas; using previous chapters is not a bad idea either. As you go through your chapters, write down things that stick out that you may think would make a good research paper.

What Are The Established Guidelines

All research papers have guidelines that you have to follow. Ensure you check word count, spelling, grammar and the least amount of resources that you are required to use. If you have to use more resources than your required textbook, think about looking at well-known psychologists and current psychology studies. Weed out the ideas that do not provide enough information for a good research paper, one by one.

You can conduct research using various resources, such as:

  • Local library
  • The Internet
  • Medical studies
  • Textbooks


Your resources need to provide enough viable information to integrate into your research paper. Do not choose a study that does not have enough information about your topic. Local libraries sometimes have medical studies and information on experiments and outcomes. It is also wise to check your college’s library first, since it tries to keep its inventory related to courses offered. There is plenty of information available on the Internet if you feel you cannot find information related to your topic elsewhere. Always check Internet resources for authenticity and credibility if this is the option that you choose.

Psychology research papers do not have to be hard. The key is finding credible information to prove your thesis. Never wait until the last minute to start your research paper, immediately check your class syllabus and start brainstorming for a topic. Follow the set guidelines and use your local resources to substantiate your research.