Homosexuality And Religion

It is no secret that homosexuality and religion don’t always see eye to eye. The Catholic Church believes homosexuality itself to be a horrible sin because the Bible says that men should not lay together, and men and women do. Most take this to mean that homosexuality is bad and against the bibles rules. The truth of the matter is that no one knows for sure what the passage means or how it should be interpreted. In reality, the treatment of homosexuals is often different from church to church rather than from one religion to another as a whole.

Some churches believe that all homosexual behavior is bad and will be punished by God. These churches preach against it as if it is a lifestyle choice that people make the same as choosing to be a doctor or a lawyer. By this way of thinking these people are purposely going out of their way to disobey God’s law. This is why it is seen as a sin and taken so seriously.

Other churches are more open about the subject. Instead of revolving around that single passage they decide to listen more to the parts of the Bible about loving your fellow human beings for who they are and not passing judgment on them as judgment is reserved solely for God himself. There are many churches with plenty of openly gay members who are treated the same as every other person to walk into that church. Often they even believe that being gay is the same as being a man or a woman, you don’t get to choose, and you are just born that way.

 There are also churches that don’t take an opinion on homosexuality openly. They don’t ask about it but if a man and his husband come to church they are not thrown out or ridiculed. They tend to believe more in making one’s own choices, living with whatever consequences there may be for one’s actions and not interfering with that at all. Forgiveness and the understanding that no one is perfect or free of sin tend to prevail.

The leader of the church usually has more to do with which kind of church they are than anything else. Those who believe differently simply go elsewhere. Now people are more accepting but there is still a lot of prejudice. Many gay people still struggle with religion because a lot of it is against them, but progress is moving us further towards acceptance and people are trying harder not to cast the first stone.