Equal Employment Opportunity


Equal employment opportunity (EEO) refers to the elimination various barriers in the workplace so as to ensure equal access to employment, as well as the accompanying services and benefits, to both the current and probable employees. The main focus of EEO is to ensure equitable and fair outcomes in all aspects of employment particularly relating to management, recruitment, selection, supervision, and access to information, among others. An organization or an employer inclined to ensuring compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity laws will be committed to attaining a workplace culture that is free of all forms discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. Employees in the workplace can be discriminated on grounds of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, and so on. Though there are many areas of EEO that deserve attention, this paper will focus on the major elements that define it as well as the benefits that an employer can gain by committing to Equal Employment Opportunity.

The main features of EEO

Equal Employment Opportunity is characterized by: fairness in the workplace practices; unbiased management decisions in regard to employment; respect for, and recognition of the cultural and social backgrounds of all employees, both the current and prospective; employment practices able to generate satisfaction for all staff; a guarantee that the best workers are recruited, selected, and/or promoted; retention of staff purely based on skills and merit; Equal training and development opportunities for all workers; and equality in other employment aspects such as pay, rewards and overall working conditions.

Importance of Committing to Equal Employment Opportunity

EEO is a potent way of increasing competitiveness, profitability and business efficiency. By fostering strategies that support management based on merit, employers can recruit, motivate and retain the employees needed for the success of the organization. A workplace that is tolerant and inclusive motivates workers to improve their performance. EEO also leads to development of a highly focused team by promoting understanding between the organization’s people. An organization that exercises Equal Employment Opportunity stands to achieve enhanced public image, which means it is more attractive to customers, employees, and job seekers; such an organization will therefore be better placed to attract and retain top talent


An environment of Equal Employment Opportunity entails the exercise of fairness in recruitment, selection, retention, promotion, access to information, benefits, services, rewards, and payment. This paper focused on the major ideals of EEO and the benefits of practicing them; EEO has been seen as way of obtaining enhanced public image, and boosting business efficiency and productivity for the employer. An organization that offers equal employment opportunities is more attractive to job seekers and is therefore able to attract, motivate and retain top talent. It is therefore recommended that employers and hiring organizations exercise the ideals of Equal Employment Opportunity in order to take advantage of the various benefits.