Brainstorming Techniques that Will Help You to Come Up With Good Thesis Statements

Brainstorming before writing can make the entire thesis statement process easier for you. The key to a good paper is a strong thesis, so brainstorm before you write your thesis. In three easy steps, you can have a strong and effective thesis statement ready to use in your paper. Remember, the better the thesis statement, the better the paper will be.

Step One

Pick your essay or research paper topic before you begin to do anything with your paper. You must have a topic before you can proceed in doing anything to do with your paper. Then think of ten words that are related to your subject. Do not worry if the words seem to be obscure or odd. You are attempting to get a unique thesis statement, so odd is good. The more creative your paper the better the paper will be. Then for each of the ten words you have listed, make a sentence that is related to your subject. Then put the sentences away for a few hours and then go for a walk or exercise.

Step Two

After you have not looked at your ten sentences for a while, go back and get them out and read them. Throw away any sentences that will not work for an academic setting. Then put the sentences in order of preference. Toss away any weak sentences also.

Step Three

With step three take your time and put in a lot of quality effort. Research the key words from each of the remaining sentences. You probably have about five or six. If you cannot find at least five quality and credible sources for the sentence, you must eliminate that sentence. This not the time for you to do half of a job, or to cut corners on your job. Be very thorough as you complete this step. At this point you should have your main ideas for your thesis statement. Do not have more than five, or your paper will be very, very long and take an eternity to compose. Three is a nice number for main points.

If you want the best thesis statement you can compose, try these brainstorming tricks. You will be able to be creative, find research, and put together a solid sentence. The stronger the thesis statement is, the better the paper will be. Additionally, the paper will be easier to write.