Coursework Results Section Should Contain Only Results

Coursework, such as term papers, have several sections. One of those sections, the results section, provides results that readers can interpret as concrete facts about the topic of choice for the coursework.

A results section summarizes both data and statistical analyses related to the research performed for the coursework. It's important to include a results section for coursework that relies heavily on researched and/or collected data and statistical analyses to report those same results without any subjective interpretations.

Due to that, results sections should only contain results. A results section should present data in a concise and clear manner, showing readers concrete evidence behind the coursework's thesis.

Behind the results section

The purpose behind a results section is presenting and expressing the findings that relate to the coursework in question. Therefore, this section should be a completely objective report of the results gathered from research, leaving the actual interpretation of that same data for the discussion.

The content

Within a results section, the actual content should consist of the coursework's findings. Those findings generally consist of data, statistical analyses and other factual information that present evidence supporting the coursework.

A result section can include tables, figures and other text or graphical representations to effectively convey the findings to the reader. The findings within a result section should be relevant to the coursework, providing information that supports the rest of the work itself.

Writing the results section

A results section should be written in past tense and have all of the information there organized in a logical order. While it's suggested to place any tables or figures at the end of the text sections, they can be logically incorporated within the text of the section itself. It's not recommended to do both within the same paper; students who choose one method should stay with that particular method.

What to avoid

The results section of coursework, as mentioned, should only contain results. Student writers should avoid including any information that either interprets or discusses results. That includes avoiding adding in any background information or additional explanations that don't present the actual results.

In addition, they should also avoid including raw data or calculations within the body of the results section, as the section is supposed to summarize the information there in a concise manner. Any additional text that is included alongside tables and figures should only complement the data there and not add on any redundant information.