Criminal Justice Research Papers: Creating the Methods Section

The dream of working in the criminal justice system is one that is shared by many people since the days of their youth. Making that dream into a reality will involve some education. All educational experiences involve writing research papers and criminal justice degrees are no different than any other. All students need to perform research about some portion of the criminal justice curriculum. The topics of these research papers can be as varied as the number of crimes that can be committed. Once the topic has been chosen, knowing how to write a research paper to express your thoughts appropriately is the most important part.

Like Reconstructing a Crime Scene

Creating a good research paper in criminal justice is a lot like recreating a crime scene. All of the vital evidence needs to be placed in its appropriate space. Much like a victim of a crime, the thesis statement will guide the development of your document. The thesis will drive the research just as the evidence in a crime scene drives an investigation. As you collect your evidence relating to your thesis statement, it is displayed on the white board of your outline. Then as you tie the loose ends of your research investigation together, the rough draft is created. As the writer works through the rough draft there are going to be details that must be included in the paper to make sure that the realistic thoughts and concerns are relayed to the reader.

Creating a Methods Section

When writing a paper in APA format and dealing with criminal justice, the paper needs to provide the procedures and methods that the investigation of the topic of the research involved. The author needs to detail all facts about the topic of the paper supporting the thesis statement. Detailed examples of the actions, materials, participants and equipment used in creating the research paper should be documented in the methods section. This is vital so that someone who reads your paper can reconstruct the results without too much added effort. There should be more than enough information to allow anyone to duplicate the performance or research that your paper includes.

Writing a criminal justice research paper is going to be a challenge for any student, as it will most often involve a crime being committed, a criminal who committed the crime and the methodology used to solve the crime within all the rules of evidence. Writing a valid criminal justice term paper should involve a very detailed methods section which could be used as an example of how to approach any crime scene.