10 great ideas for your global warming research paper topics

The idea of global warming has been difficult for a few people to swallow, particularly those with links in the automobile industry or large oil and gas companies. This was further compounded by some instances of lowering temperatures. If you intend to do research in the field, here are some ideas that you can think about.

Global warming prior to Industrialization

Research on polar ice has shown the steady increase in temperature from Industrialization onward. This essay can show how fossil fuels are likely to blame for this.

Viability of a planetwide switch to solar power

The sun is an amazing energy source and this paper can explain how it can be used as a substitute for fossil fuel.

Oil Obsession: Can carbon capture reverse the effects of dependence on fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels release greenhouse gases that make our planet trap too much heat. This essay can look at the methods of trapping some of those gases to minimize the heating.

How Much is Enough: Recycling for a cleaner Planet

This paper can look at how much of what we consume should be recycled or recyclable for us to have a future on Earth.

The Turning Point: How long has it been too late?

This topic is fairly self explanatory.

Economically, what punishment is sufficient to stop climate criminal countries?

Many polluting nations feel no remorse. The necessary sanctions to curb their behaviors can be discussed in this paper.

What industries are viable alternatives to petroleum based economies?

This topic explains itself.

How can the influence of oil companies on the world market be quantified?

This topic is self explanatory.

Should less developed nations be forced to halt their development in keeping with international climate change solutions?

The developed countries of the world have already fully exploited industrialization to allow for their own development. This paper can explore the fairness of restricting less developed nations from doing the same.

Can Eco friendly plastics be mass produced to effectively replace petroleum derived versions?

This topic is also fairly self explanatory.

Global warming and climate change in general are problems that come from sources that are incorporated into just about every aspect of our daily lives. The removal of them too abruptly would result in chaos worldwide so regardless of our concerns realistic solutions must be proposed. Once your research is done well, you may end up being one of the problem solvers the next generation needs.