Ideas For Writing A Descriptive Essay About Your Mother

Students are given opportunities to write about a wide variety of topics. In some courses, students will get the opportunity to write about their family members, especially their mothers. Since students are tasked with writing descriptive, narrative, informational, and persuasive essays, there are several ways to craft an essay about the most important woman in your life. The descriptive essay about mom seems to be the most commonly assigned and it is one of the most challenging, because the essay can become sappy rather quickly. Here are a few tips for writing a high quality, interesting essay about your mother:

Stick to the facts. One of the most interesting things to write about mom is what mom was like before you were born. You will not be able to write this without the help of your mom or someone who knew her when she was younger. You will not have the emotional attachment to your mom’s early life, so you will be able to write a more interesting essay. If you get too emotional in your essay, your readers might not be able to connect to your essay as well as they would to the facts about your mom.

Write about a specific moment. If you plan to write about all of the years that you have known your mother and what she has been like, you will most likely not finish the essay. The best way to describe someone in your life is to take a brief moment in your life and describe (in great detail) everything that you remember about that person in that moment. So, when you describe your mom, you should focus on her looks, behavior, actions, reactions, and speech during the moment. Your readers will enjoy being in the moment with the powerful description. You might cross over a bit into the realm of narrative, but it will only add to the power of the description.

Compile descriptions from other people. You could write an interesting essay incorporating what several people think about your mother. Include your own thoughts, but they you can include the thoughts of your siblings, your father, your mother’s best friend, and anyone else who can offer a different perspective than you can. Remember that descriptions do not just have to be about the way a person looks on the outside, but they can include personality and speech, too.