Purchasing Plagiarism-Free Research Papers Online

There are many ways to find free or cheap essays on the internet. However, the majority of these essays have a checkered academic past. Some have been stolen from unwitting undergraduates. Others have been written by professional freelance writers, so that the student who hired them may pass the paper off as their own. Finally, some essays that are available online are completely legitimate, and are being shared freely as helpful examples for other students to use.

But how does one find plagiarism-free essays quickly, cheaply, and safely on the web? It can be incredibly difficult to dig through the vast amount of information, avoid the scams, and locate safe (and well written) papers. Below are some suggestions that should help you search for (and find) quality essays, research papers, term papers, and other writing assignments that are free of plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Teacher Resource Websites

Teachers and college professors tend to share their instruction and grading resources between one another, to make their jobs a little bit easier and a little more collaborative. Some of these teacher resource websites contain sample essay assignments, example research papers, grading rubrics, sample outlines, and a bevvy of other useful writing sources. Many of these sites operate for free, and provide resources to anyone who is willing to register.

How do you locate such sites? By performing smart web searches. Search for “teacher resources”; “tools for professors”; “sample papers for college instructors” and the like. You should also include your desired subject area in your search term, to find databases that are specific to certain disciplines, such as English, Sociology, History, Psychology, or Math.

Forums for Students

If you do not have an in-person peer who is willing to share their papers with you, perhaps you can find one online. Locate a web forum or chat for people with your major, and offer to trade sample papers.

Use Plagiarism Scanning Software

No matter where or how you locate a sample essay, make sure to check the document for plagiarism. In some cases, it is free to register for plagiarism scanning programs such as Turn It In and others. Most of these services function within a web browser, so you do not even have to download software to your computer in order to check your text. Run the entirety of the document through the scanner, including the references. Assume that any paper that comes back as 40% or more plagiarized is not safe for use.