Most helpful thesis ideas

Thesis writing is a comprehensive project that students have to do in order to accomplish their degrees. Thesis or research work is the important part of bachelors, masters and higher level degrees. Students cannot claim their degree without the submission of thesis or research work. Usually a thesis topic is assigned to the students or students are asked to select the topic of their choice for their research work and then a supervisor is attached to to the students who guide them accomplishing their research effectively.

Students find it a difficult task. Thesis writing is a very critical job during the whole academic career. There are thousands of phenomena occurring everyday and students face difficulties in selecting a topic for their research and also get confused about the beginning of the project.

Now you need not to be confused and worried about the selection of your thesis topic. This article will provide you with fine ideas of what kind of research topics can be chosen for a thesis and how to get your work started.

Following are the few steps you should do before you start writing your thesis:

    Nature of the research:

    You should clearly decide that which type of research you are going to do for your thesis. The main categories include:

    • a) Quantitative Research
    • b) Qualitative Research
    • c) Cross-sectional Research
    • d) Longitudinal Research

Once you decided the type of your research then you narrow down the options of the topic selection for you. This will help you in the selection of an idea more specifically. Every research type is designed to address the different type of research questions. So when you are done with the selection of your research type then it becomes easy for you to select an idea or topic for your thesis from a specific area.

Following are the points which you should keep in your mind while selecting the idea or topic for your thesis:

  • The idea you are going to present should be the current occurring phenomenon.
  • The research question you are going to make for an idea should technically relate to the phenomenon happening.
  • The topic on which you are going to do research work should be exclusive. You must check that how many research works have been done on the same topic before. Avoid choosing the topic which has been researched many times before you do it.
  • You must keep in mind the implications of your thesis in future while selecting an idea for your research work.