A List Of Interesting Problem Solution Essay Topics For Middle School

What to do in an abusive situation

Outline the steps to take for a person who is in a physically abusive situation. Give a simple to understand guide that anyone can understand no matter what their age.

How to stop your dog from barking

People would love to know how to solve the problem of a barking dog. Tell your reader how to do this in a systematic way.

How to respond when someone else is being bullied

If you saw someone at your school being bullied, how would you react? Would you simply walk away and convince yourself that it’s not your problem, or would you intervene? Write a problem solution essay about what you should do.

What to do when there’s a snake in the house

What is the correct procedure to follow when a snake enters your home? Give a detailed process of how to solve this problem from who to call and what to do.

How to react in a fire emergency

If the unthinkable should happen and a fire breaks out in your home or at your school, how should you manage that crisis? Talk about fire extinguishers as well as ways to prevent a fire the next time.

How to win an argument

If you found yourself in an argument, what steps would you take to calmly resolve the issue and walk away from it without anyone getting hurt?

Ways to deal with anxiety

People get anxious for all kinds of reasons: homework, family stress, money problems, etc. How does a person deal with anxiety in a practical way?

What to do when you get the flu

Is going to the doctor the only thing you can think of when you get the flu? How about coming up with a natural home solution to beating the flu and getting better as quickly as possible?

How to combat forgetfulness

Lots of people have a natural ability to remember things at a whim. However, for those who struggle with their memory and get distracted easily, what are some ways they can remember important tasks?

What to do when someone is choking

What are the correct procedures to follow if someone is choking? This problem needs a solution and it’s up to you to convey to your reader how it can be solved.