Some extraordinary Academic Essay topics

A good essay begins with a good topic. The following is a collection of a few extraordinary academic essay topics and explanations for what sets them apart.

  1. Should international agencies aggressively pursue interstellar colonization?
  2. This topic allows for information about climate change, colonial history, politics and even the possibility of extra-terrestrial life to be explored in one fell swoop. An ambitious student can work wonders with it.

  3. Should the use of fossil fuels be phased out worldwide?
  4. Depending on your stance this can appear fairly straightforward but this topic can be successfully explored from many angles revealing compelling facts along the way.

  5. Can slavery be completely eradicated?
  6. The transatlantic slave trade may have been abolished centuries ago but other versions of slavery persist to this day. The reasons behind this could be explored in depth with references to modern slavery in specific countries.

  7. Is the existing concept of an Economic System outdated?
  8. The terms “Capitalist” and “Communist” are easily bandied about but key players on both sided of the fence have taken to adopting moves from each other’s playbooks. This essay could catalogue Capitalist economies’ increased level of state intervention and Communist countries’ greater acceptance of the ‘free’ market.

  9. Should individual states be allowed to craft their own immigration policies?
  10. Population density varies widely between and within states. This essay can compare the immigration policies of other countries with more and less open borders to examine alternative approaches to the current American immigration policy. Canada, for instance, allows provinces to request immigrants that meet their specific labor shortage while the UAE has one of the world’s most challenging paths to citizenship.

  11. Can ancient methods of education be applied to modern times?
  12. The mass production of education owes its format to the industrial revolution. This essay can explore older methods of imparting knowledge and their suitability to modern classrooms as compared to the current best practices.

  13. How practical is the removal of a retirement age?
  14. Economic upheavals have led to many senior citizens returning to the job market or attempting to. This could be explored in depth with research to explain the inability of many people to cease working within their lifetimes without risking complete financial ruin or dependency.

Any of these topics can be woven into a brilliant, thought provoking essay if taken on by the right author.